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A Débora Ioschpe

A Brazilian designer who is definitely leaving her mark on the international scene, Debora Ioschpe has academic training in industrial and product design, together with  experience in interior design as she started her career working in architects’ offices.  Debora has always followed her own way as a designer, persistently daring in her quest for original materials and cutting-edge shapes. Her talent showed up early, as, still a child, the designer-to-be would play with stones instead of dolls.

Today, diversity and sustainability are especially reflected in her creations, which involve the reusing of materials that many would not consider relevant in the world of jewelry.  Never obvious, her creations have a very special knack for revealing beauty out of the uncommon.

The subtle combination or art, sofistication and quality stands out in delicate pieces endowed with a personal, unique meaning and through which Debora expresses the feelings triggered by key moments and phases in her life and in the way she sees our daily environment. Brazilian gemstones, gold and other upscale materials are set off in enchanting jewelry that vibrates and radiates with harmony and creativity.


Porto Alegre - RS

Rua Carvalho de Monteiro, 234 sl 803

T: 55 51 3024.6966

E: contact@deboraioschpebrands.com.br